1st Avenue Machine

1st Avenue Machine

This is Bunny.

After having a rabbit for a month, I couldn't resist this one:
(='.'=) This is Bunny. Copy and paste Bunny into your
(")_(") webpage to help him gain world domination.

Go to this is bunny to see more

The Ring

Good morning. Probably for you it is good, because you just had your best friend on the phone saying "good morning!". Probably it is not so good, because you just had your cell phone alarm waking you up ringing "it's 8 am, wake up!". Probably you hate it … until it stops. Good mornings no more.
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SonyEricsson T600I had my old tiny SonyEricsson T600 for the last three years. I liked it. It had a number of advantages such as:
+ size: 9 cm high (3.5 inches) and discrete
+ habits: I'm accustomed to its shortcut keys and ringing
+ usability: it has NO camera, mp3player or tin opener
+ good features: it has stored all my important telephone numbers
+ (last but not least) color: just perfect

It worked no matter of the numerous falls, sand, snow or wine-wax disasters that followed its living as part of my life.

Yesterday it suddenly stopped working again. This untimely retreat caused a number of inconveniences, but most of all, drive me to the decision to buy a new phone. I'll miss it.

Do you have a good simple phone to recommend?

Synergy at work

Move As OneMove as one is a kind of game created for Lexus IS250.

The website comes from Australia as well. The bottomline says that the site is optimized for a broadband internet connection and a 1.8GHz or higher computer, but don’t take it seriously, even my 4-yeard PC did it well.

Love me, love you

Have you Ever Been in Love?Behind the line (btl) say they are small advertising agency from Sydney. Between the speeches for integration, return, results and a few other cliches somehow they managed to create something. It is called HaveYouEverBeenInLove.com.au and was created for their client RosesOnly.com. See the story* of the two sweet old odds.

*Be prepared for bad screen resizing and security certificates.

Scent of cerezas

hemincese cherryI like the scent of cherries, though I don't like the taste of cherries. Maybe I'm a bit artificial, but when I was young I had too much cherries and all kind of continental fruits so nowadays none of these can provoke my appetite. However the Cherry Incense Sticks by Hem are another story full of nice emotions. I found them accidentally while I was passing near a street stall for Indian flavours and aromas. I week later I got a job offer for internship in Bangalore, India. Coincidence.

Origami furniture

The Cupful of Simplicity are seeking inspiration in the origami and as a result they produce nice clean and stylish furniture. Have a look.

Nick de la Mare

Nick de la Mare

Absolut Metropolis

Absolut / Metropolis
Underground Tokyo brought to you by Absolut. Weirdo.


I have a few reasons why I haven't posted here for the last two weeks.

One of them is that lately I travel a lot. It’s exhausting. When I finally get home, I'm too tired to write, think or post.

Tomorrow I'm leaving for another few days. I hope that when I get back, I'll have more time for my hobbies.


Nici ToysI bet you have noticed the Nici toys. They sell them on airports. Then you go back home and you put them the cuddle-magnetic toys on your fridge. When someone asks what is it, you tell a story about the three or so boring hours on the airport.

By the way, I like the bears.