Making Fiends – Now in Bulgarian

Yep, they look mad. They act mad and this season series #17 they talk madly (now you have subtitles).

Purely unacceptable and totally irresponsible, please do not try this at home (the actions, not the Bulgarian).

* Why I didn't see this on time on April 1st, eh?..


  1. i love the voice over! arrhhh... hahaha...
    and i wanna add a link in my blog to yours... would you mind?

  2. minty:
    Hi, hi! Of course, feel free to link to me :)
    It so nice to know that people like the things you blog :)

  3. o.k., this website is completely addictive, theme song, characters, colors even. love the bulgarian with subtitles! big bunny, i enjoyed that too. especially the costume contest. ;)

  4. My little confession is that for the past few weeks I watch this movie every day (or at least sign the Shiny Star Song)..:)

    My name is Sherilla Lay and I am addiceted.

    Yes :)

  5. Omg this show is ADD-IC-TING

  6. Absolutely fabulous! :)

    I was so happy to see that they made their way on tvs as well, Making Fiends is on air in Australia, USA, New Zeland and Netherlands.

    The other cartoons are cool too! :)