Is This Good?

For the last 4 months I had problems with my computer at home. It just kept on rebooting and I couldn't do anything to fix it (Most of all because I just do not understand the hardware, no matter of the euphoria I sparkle when I use the deep-red and the funky-blue screwdrivers to open the computer case and peep inside -- just to check in, you know).

So I met this friend who after a three or so month relationship offered to have a look at the computer to test it and eventually fix it. Most men are naturally born engineers. He made the diagnosis and the treatment in less than a weekend. Now I have a fully functioning computer but I wonder: is this good?

From one hand because the computer was on a sick leave I was on vacation too. In the past 4 months I read as many books as I have read for the past 3 years. Reading books is definitely good.
From the other hand because the computer was on a sick leave I couldn't complete a few freelance projects and my winter income sucked quite a lot. Being cash low is definitely bad.

The pros and cons are even. Is this good?

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  1. Of course you're gain the benefits from having that machine sick. You said you've got time to read all of those books, and for me reading is much more enjoyable rather than working with computers (well, working also works on it).