Nanny Ogg's

Finally I finished the Nanny Ogg’s Cookbook.
For the ones not very keen on Pratchett, this is a book. A book from the Discworld series.
I bought it about a month ago, but I couldn’t find time to read it. Instead I started from the middle (around the Dwarf Cookery) then moved forward to the beginning of the book and ahead to the end. This weekend I read it, the whole of it, looking carefully at every single amazing illustration (all made by Paul Kidby).
The edition is great, I love it.
If you happen to have a free weekend, don’t wonder how to spend it – book.

Links: Transworld and Kidby’s website.


  1. I can't resist to give you a quote or two..:)

    Artichokes: - The ideal slimming food, as the effort of fiddling with and eating them uses more calories than they contain. You tear off each leaf individually, dip the fleshy end in the sauce and then scrape the soft part off with your teeth. Place the uneaten portion tidily on the side of your plate, although it is permissible to flick it into the lampshade. Artichokes were invented because rich people didn’t have enough to do with their time.
    Snails: - Most people rely on thrushes to dispose of these garden pests, but they are still considered a delicacy in Quirm. Much of the Quirm diet developed during a twenty-year siege, when the population scoffed its way through the entire contents of the zoo and were then reduced to turning over damp stones and hitting with a hammer anything that moved. Snails are eaten directly from their shells. Apparently there’s something called a snail fork, but I don’t see how they could hold one.

  2. Ooooh I love Terry Pratchett XD He always makes me laugh and think