Color Ottoman:

Is my newest chair (?). How it often happens lately, it was another spontaneous purchase from an petrol station. I was drinking beer with a few of my colleagues on Friday after work when I saw it and I knew that it will fit my interior design because of its typically China-industrial flashy and vivid colors.
It is x48 cm. diameter and about x30 height.
It’s fun to sit on it when it’s not very swollen as it totters and makes you feel as if you’re having mareos (I suppose the English for this word is nausea.)


  1. u always have such unsual but awesome taste! u remember u once posted pics of psychedelic plates, & u even linked me one of a kaleidoscope? well, I did buy some colorful plates for my friends at Xmas, & filled em up with cookies, & it was all thanks to u for the ideas!!! Truly! That's one of the reasons why I love visiting ur blog, it's so full of fresh ideas :)))))))) Nice touch!

    yesterday I bought a version of "Ain't no sunshine" by Michael Bolton & I thought of Gravity co :)

    Enjoy ur week, *Sherilla* :)

  2. hey, thanks for the warm words

    by the way, i can not acceess your blog. are you closing it?