It's Lego World

The Lego club surprised me this week with two news: first that is actually exists and second, the fact that there are active people who managed to organize the best Lego event in town. Yep!

Urban area including office building class A, fire station, shopping area, a castle, trains, amazing trains, lego-based vending machine, 3-D bunny and... everything you can imagine.

The constructions were touched to the tiniest detail: lego people with laptops in the offices, lego travelers with glassed of wine in the long-distance trains and groceries full of carrots, apples and cherries:

The boys:

There was mechanized lego machine and every visitor got a gift: a girl or boy custom made lego-figure:

And I played, and we played. And a shark ate my lego-boy (the gift I got from the machine). And then we had to rescue him.

And here is adorable bunny + carrot made of lego. Wow.

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  1. OMG! Totes cute! ♥ it! Where is that?! I need to know!