Masks and Glass

The masks during the carnival are everywhere. The prices vary from 5 EUR to 500 EUR or more. Most of the masks are handmade in Venice but cheap Chinese production can be found as well. The last days of the carnival were the big sale period and most of the items were offered at 50% off.

Murano is famous for its glass traditions. The island can be reached within a few minutes from Venice and actually Venice itself is full of Murano glass souvenir shops.

This is the first glass ring I purchased. It took me about an hour to choose one :) All glass rings are extremely big and if you have small size fingers you are lost. I desperately wanted a ring so I decided to wear it on the gloves. Later that day it slipped off, fell and broke into pieces.

The second one I bought was this one. It is big size as well but I wear it veeeery carefully now :)

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