The Best Wine Brand - Gatao

Green wines (vinho verde) are perfect. I like them as much as I like the porto. So far Portugal wins the wine competition (sorry, Santorini!). The picture below shows the Gato brand. I haven't tried this one as it went to V. but its label makes me meaw with pleasure. Meaw!

The best surprise is that the Green wine producers in Spain have a website where you can enter the code from the bottle and the story behind this particular bottle will be revealed to you.


  1. The green wine is not produced in Spain. It is a Portuguese wine!

  2. yep, there its written Portugal :) and nobody mentions Spain

  3. Glory St. Claire6/5/11 6:33 am

    this is my new favorite wine...especially for summer as it is so light and refreshing!
    (carefull though, it goes down really easy... I was sipping away and then I realized I finished the bottle myself in less than an hour!...ooooops!!

  4. especially enjoyed the wine but live on long island and are not able to find in any of wine shops. can anybody help????????