Groove Armada Time

After the previous post I think the time for Groove's Armada video came.

It became a kind of weird tradition for the last few years to blog this video. I'm happy with it. To me it is one of the best videos ever, yay!...

Besides... this month i:de'o:gramas turnes 5 years old.

Groove Armada - My Friend

August is Over

August is over, it smells like autumn in the nights and people go back to the cities. Here what we did this August:

During the day:

Sunset (that's was a sort of rehearsal for September's sunsets):

In the evenings by the sea:

Party nights (LTJ Bukem and MC Conard is breathtaking combination of infinite fun):

I loved the soap effects of snowflakes on the sandy beach. The problem was that the chemical didn't taste and smell good...

After the party (btw I had Jack that night and -excuse me Ireland!- I still believe that it's the best whiskey on the market):



De Phazz (is specially for V. in Spain who was far but he was updated regularly what's on stage. see you next year!)

Faith No More (comes specially for K. who I met accidentally just to make sure everything changed for good in the last 15 years:)

Cat Music Video

Nina Simone - My Baby Just Cares For Me
Via V. (Hello V! Shall we already plan to visit you in Mallorca? ;-) We're planning Spain in winter anyway, no kidding!, so we can drop by the island to say Hello:-)

I have a dream...

... but it is goddamn expensive.

I had a kind of small celebration this mid August and when Bo asked me what kind of present I would like to have, I just said "I want to fly with a balloon!".

So Bo double checked the options and unfortunately all of them come pricy. The flight of about 40-60 minutes will be about 500 euro which is unreasonable amount of money according to me.

We keep on looking...

Partly Cloudy

Up is definitely the animation of the year. Great characters, touching story, and of course details that make you shiver or smile.

Where We Spent July: 1 m. Above Sea Level

We got up and left early:

We got lost:

Sea cat:

The islands:



Where We Spent July: 2729 m. Above Sea Level

Strange red bug on blueberry bush:

At the far end there was a stock of mountsin cows (if such breed exists at all):

As if taken from a Milka chocolate ad:

They call this flower "tourist soap" because they say that it makes foam. I tried it. It doesn't.

Mountain cat:

The parking at the chalet: