August is Over

August is over, it smells like autumn in the nights and people go back to the cities. Here what we did this August:

During the day:

Sunset (that's was a sort of rehearsal for September's sunsets):

In the evenings by the sea:

Party nights (LTJ Bukem and MC Conard is breathtaking combination of infinite fun):

I loved the soap effects of snowflakes on the sandy beach. The problem was that the chemical didn't taste and smell good...

After the party (btw I had Jack that night and -excuse me Ireland!- I still believe that it's the best whiskey on the market):



De Phazz (is specially for V. in Spain who was far but he was updated regularly what's on stage. see you next year!)

Faith No More (comes specially for K. who I met accidentally just to make sure everything changed for good in the last 15 years:)

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