Almost a LOLCat

This kitten was lost and it found the car while we were sitting next to it laughing at a few pool jokes. It sneaked silently, passed over the doughnut and the bottles of warm juice and went straight under the gas and the breaks.

When I saw it inside I said "See, you don't choose when a good thing will happen to you!" to which I was told "See, kittens become cats and your Hihi won't be your livin’ bunny pet any longer."

We couldn't keep it but at least I took a few pictures to remember the moment.

Stay tuned! Ce gave me the most adorable presents. They flew over London and Paris before landing in my backpack and traveling another 400 km to the west. The thing is that I want to take a picture with them and Hihi and he refuses to stay still on front of the camera.

Animals of the Month

You've been thinking that this month won't pass without cute animals? Oh, c'mon!

So we went to a farm full of great creatures and most of all - Hihi's cousins and relatives. Also Llamas, Deers and soo oooon. Have a look:


Remember Spartanic Rocker - Why Should I Move When I Can Dance? I've been listening to quite a lot of break music last year. So much that recently I've been thinking that getting older only makes me feel younger. So... we watched these guys called Electric Force and they were awesome. :)

Now play this song on YouTube and check the pictures.


When the winter season was over I was trying to find a good replacement for the snowboard and the wakeboard was considered one of the solutions. The others were bodyboard (no waves for this around), skim (better go skating) and windsurf (quite an option). Then I broke my leg and met Bo and my *action* plans for the summer urgently needed extreme review. Now with my leg getting better we went to check the wakeboard.

Summer shouldn't be lost in indoor swimming pools, right?

Ice Age 3 Last Night

Ice Age - Down of the Dinosaurs last night turned out to be expectedly funny but somehow worn out in dialogue.

The new characters - the female squirrel Scratte and Buck, the underworld wise and brave animal actually do not help the story to develop way too much.

Sid is awesome. Scratt is traditional loser. The big elephants & Diego the cat are boring as usually. And last but not least, all funny moments can be seen in the 30" trailer.

In short: the movie is great pasatiempo for Wednesday night but don't waste your weekend on it.