Almost a LOLCat

This kitten was lost and it found the car while we were sitting next to it laughing at a few pool jokes. It sneaked silently, passed over the doughnut and the bottles of warm juice and went straight under the gas and the breaks.

When I saw it inside I said "See, you don't choose when a good thing will happen to you!" to which I was told "See, kittens become cats and your Hihi won't be your livin’ bunny pet any longer."

We couldn't keep it but at least I took a few pictures to remember the moment.

Stay tuned! Ce gave me the most adorable presents. They flew over London and Paris before landing in my backpack and traveling another 400 km to the west. The thing is that I want to take a picture with them and Hihi and he refuses to stay still on front of the camera.

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