2 TV Series (and I'm not ashamed to confess it)

I've never been into to the TV series too much. I couldn't make it with The Sex and the City, not with Prison Break or Lost. I've got only one true crush so far and its name was Kitchen Confidential but was hooked me then was the bunny episode.

Until two weeks ago when suddenly I discovered My Name Is Earl. It hit my like a car seconds after winning the lottery ticket. So I decided to be good and started with the first season, then passed through the Prison season ending with the last week's latest episode. Earl makes me happy.

From the episode when he quit smoking and returned an old lady 2 years of her life:

To the episode when he regretted for selling a lemon car once (all car resellers should watch this episode, I swear):

My Name Is Earl on IMDB and NBC

Then while I was thinking how cool life is when you complete your life-long mission of the month by watching all these series I bumped into 30 Rock.

As you can guess and you guess it right, I'm already into it but still working on season#1. 30 Rock makes me relieved.

30 Rock on IMDB and NBC

NBC rock this autumn which reminds me to thank Mr. Thomas Edison for inventing so many things among which are the light bulb and General Electric.

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