A little late but almost in time (keeping in mind that it is still October), here are the pictures from Octoberfest'08.

And of course, the wurstels!

This trip will be remembered thanks to two or better three things (in order or appearance):

  • Me, waking up at 6.13 am and the airplane leaving at 7.15 am (deja vu, as it happens for a second time last quarter);
  • Because I was dramatically late when I reached the airport, the economy check-in was already closed, that's why I got a boarding pass for the business class (which didn't make big difference as I was short of breath thanks to the morning kickstart);
  • B. who on the way back forgot to take out of her bag the super-brandless-anti-thief-neuro-paralytic spray and we all had close encounters with the airport security guys.

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