Scooby-Doo, where are you?

Okay, in short: I found this via a link preaching day without computers. Of course I enrolled immediately, but that’s not that interesting. I found Frappr and I plan to place it here and later leave it stay at the bottom, it might work somehow.

You can also use it for your web place, it works with Myspace, Blogger and many more.

Find X.

For the last three days every time when I feel that no, there is no way to do this or that, to finish an assignment for the University, to finish an analysis for the company I work for or ... anything else, then I just have a look at this and I feel soooo much better. Follow the link. I especially love the one with the elephant and this below:

Carnival times

We went to Thessaloniki to see the carnival. The city was charming and the cuisine great. It was full of orange trees covered with oranges, blossomed peach trees and palms. In addition, I saw dozens of cats on the streets, miau meaw meaow! Everything was carnival and church candles. I think the churches were as much as the cats... or more, coming up in different styles and sizes behind *every* corner, no kidding.

Below: a few standard and a few out of the beaten track tourist pictures plus two bonuses: Emily the Strange and a lovely cat.

I really would like to add a few comments to the pictures, but now I'm too lazy :-)

Heart Beat

Banal. Banana. Banaustic. Ban. C'mon. I got necklace and a ring, but not for St.Valentines day. I have something much more personal today and it was the reason to start with Portwine and Éclairs from early morning.
And this below is for the ones with 101-bps heart beat on the run.

Cheers, cheek... cheat the time that's never enough to kiss the ones you love... well... uhm, whatever. Cheers.

The Law, the Piracy and the Universe

I have an extremely heavy exam on trade and contractual law. This weekend. Sure, like many other studies, the law is interesting until you reach the moment when you have to prove what you have learnt. Whatever...

This post comes because it has something in common with three things 1) piracy; 2) news copyrights and use of information; 3) law

1) Is due to the fact that according to a number of sources, today Romanian's president T. Basescu faced Bill Gates and thanked him for all the good things done by pirated MS products for Romania and especially the IT sector. He said this on a major press-conference. Respect.
My comment on this is that actually not only Romania, but all Eastern European countries, Russia and of course India should follow this public thank-you act, :] because yes, if we hadn't the piracy, we wouldn’t be here and you wouldn't save your money doing outsource instead of paying quite much more to in-house developers.

2) The news above came to me via:

3) Is it legal to have exams on Saturdays and Sundays?...