The Law, the Piracy and the Universe

I have an extremely heavy exam on trade and contractual law. This weekend. Sure, like many other studies, the law is interesting until you reach the moment when you have to prove what you have learnt. Whatever...

This post comes because it has something in common with three things 1) piracy; 2) news copyrights and use of information; 3) law

1) Is due to the fact that according to a number of sources, today Romanian's president T. Basescu faced Bill Gates and thanked him for all the good things done by pirated MS products for Romania and especially the IT sector. He said this on a major press-conference. Respect.
My comment on this is that actually not only Romania, but all Eastern European countries, Russia and of course India should follow this public thank-you act, :] because yes, if we hadn't the piracy, we wouldn’t be here and you wouldn't save your money doing outsource instead of paying quite much more to in-house developers.

2) The news above came to me via:

3) Is it legal to have exams on Saturdays and Sundays?...

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