Cheer Up

Lucky or not, I'm moving on to another business and today for the first night in the last weeks I'm at home alone. N. went to a birthday, P.'s at work and A. is abroad and yesterday he called and said "Hanover is fine, but tomorrow at 10 I'm back and maybe we can still go to this party."

I was something like yeek, I'm sick of corporate events. I need my old objetos de personalidad. The feeling is complex and so wonderful that I simply want to put some of it in a jar and keep it till the next time when I need a breath. I'm exhausted but I do not want to fall asleep because I know that when I wake up this home-alone feeling will be gone.

To celebrate my local very personal and completely unplanned victory over uncertainty I opened a Pear Cider. After refined red wine it tastes awful but I still like it.

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