Simply Beautiful

I'm going to Simply Red concert! This friday!

Meet the Cats

Meet the Record Store Cats proudly presented by

PS: No, it's not because they're on Yahoo9. It's just because I love cats. I do, I do, I do...


Danke, danke...

Well, it is something that is circling around for the last week or two and probably many people have already seen it, heard it or just spoken about it. It doesn't matter.

I put it here for two reasons: The first one is that I got it from a number of people and I want to return the gesture. The second is that because there are many people to whom I would like to say "Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou...".

Here we go:PS: I just calculated that it will take more than 27 hours until these two hit the million. Keep patience, stay tuned.

Set me flying

"People are one winged angels and to fly they need to embrace each other"

But not always there is a one-winged angel around. Here come Elke Munkert's silver winged earrings.

Old, Gold and Sentimental

Going Postal

A trip like a postcard is coming in less than 29 days. I'm going to Tenerife for a few days. Unfortunately not for pleasure, but business. (I will do my best to combine them.) This will be an awfully big adventure.

After I got my airplane ticket the first thing was to check where I land and where I should go after this. I found out that no matter the fact that Tenerife is a small island, the distance is too big. Or at least it seems too big on the map and promising to be ripped off if I take a taxi.

I found the Guaguas website and it is giving good information, but I still have no idea how to reach Adeje without spending these five days in the public transport.

If someone reading this blog is having an idea or already experienced that and would give advise or... Well, whatever will help, really.

Lift Me Up

This blog is getting boring because the blogger of this blog became highly addicted to the offline and offroad lifestyle.

Reality happens.

Soon we will turn two years old but no recapitulation of the past posts here can be made except for a few personal highlights.

The truth is that the entertainment industry made me more focused on business than visual design and funny observations on the net. For a while it might be good.

Stay tuned.

The music is in you, baby

Let me introduce you to the hottest compilation on the net -- the Cartoon Network's Cartoon Medley.

Including the fantastic chart busters "Cartoon, Cartoon", "Ed, Edd N Eddy" and "Scooby-Doo, where are you" it became my one and only favorite album.

Play it on your iPod, launch it on the WinAmp, rock your colleagues and family relatives, spread the word!