Going Postal

A trip like a postcard is coming in less than 29 days. I'm going to Tenerife for a few days. Unfortunately not for pleasure, but business. (I will do my best to combine them.) This will be an awfully big adventure.

After I got my airplane ticket the first thing was to check where I land and where I should go after this. I found out that no matter the fact that Tenerife is a small island, the distance is too big. Or at least it seems too big on the map and promising to be ripped off if I take a taxi.

I found the Guaguas website and it is giving good information, but I still have no idea how to reach Adeje without spending these five days in the public transport.

If someone reading this blog is having an idea or already experienced that and would give advise or... Well, whatever will help, really.


  1. da ne si vzela gradski avtobus do hotela ot letishteto, ste te ubiq!!!


  2. No. I will travel by barouche covered with golden veils and at noon I will turn into pumpkin. ;]