It's a Segway!

SegwayThe Segways have been around for quite a long time. I wonder why they are not popular. They loo cute, and probably are great for the traffic jams.

I just found my local reseller and I plan to contact them and ask for an offer.

I can imagine myself dressed up in a costume and high heels driving a Segway around the city center...

Have you tried this? Any feedback is welcome.


  1. i have not riden one myself, but have seen them riden by several people. one thing i noticed though, was that the people who rode them seemed to stand out because they became about 6 inches taller while on the segway, and it looked kind of weird. thats all i have to say...bye!

  2. segways are hot in this part of the world. on new years eve, i even saw a 'segway ballet' - very classy. you can read more at

  3. I met someone who is actually working for this company, he told me he rides his Segway every day in the park, so I plan to meet him for a walk as soon as the snow melts down outside. :):):)