3 by 1: Ring Tales

Four Simple Things and There Goes the Sun

Art Direction & New Approach

And nor my favorite: Wondercat!


he: Would you like some new shoes?
she: New shoes?
he: Yes, those look pretty old.
she: Thanks a bunch! These happen to be an original 30's design. From the 30's!
he: I know, wouldn't you like some new ones?

The Onion Movie

I am not fan of The Onion but I was truly surprised to see The Onion Movie. Kinda funny, kinda... onion.

No wonder that in 2003 it was not put on screen after the test showed that nobody will watch it really, however this June it was released on video and as it seems, it will produce some memorable quotes.


I like Irish's approach to politics and decision making on Treaty of Lisbon.

They made plain and simple website where everyone can read the treaty, give all historical facts and info and then said something like Vote, It's About You.