Oh, my bun!

Magnífico Magnifico

This summer finally found the right vibe and it is called Magnifico. Now watch, listen and dance, my honey bunney.

* Via V. (wow these translations worth these two videos;)

Spam filters test your Ph.D

Spam filers are getting more and more confusing. They question your sight asking you to write down muddy and blurry letters. They test your Maths skills asking you to calculate and put down how much is 7 plus 5.

So now that is something new. They think you care about astronomy! Today while submitting a link I got this:

Please answer the following test question, which has been set in order to discourage automatic submissions to this form:

Which planet is closest to the sun, Mercury or Jupiter?

I do not get it.

Take It or Leave It

While other people put spam filters and complain, I love reading my unsolicited mail.

Today in one of my mail boxes arrived this offer from a photographers studio. I think their works are awesome. Take a look: TakeProduction.


Okay. We are becoming more serious about camping. (We=P+I)

Today we went to buy a melon and we came home with this blue tent. It has space for two and heart for a thousand. I am still not very convinced that I can live without hot water for more than a weekend, though the tent is cozy… Probably it will be fun if I ever dare to go out in the mountains for a real long and exhausting trekking and camping.

While other people are dying to jump in the sea, we are after wild berries hunts. Below is the evidence.

The Last Vitamin

I guess I desperately need vacation.

Update: And a really depressive bonus for your Summer Collection - The Last Vitamin Wallpaper

The Secret Garden

Today I went to Praktiker for some weird DIY stuff. I have a long relationship with this brand since 2003 when ][ and I were hired by the company to make some research for their expansion here. It was really funny 4 years later finally to get for the first time in the store for a walk and shopping. I didn't bought what I needed but ended up with a tiny rose in a tiny pot. It was a handful of rose plant. Funny, but the rose had greenflies. Later I spoke to ][ and we talked how actually Praktiker have this nasty plan of taking their money back from me first by selling the rose, then by selling the anti-greenflies-spray, then eventually by selling me bigger pot and pack of soil, fertilizers and so on. ][ requested a picture of the rose and since I am serious about my promises (unlike him;) here is the picture and along with it, here is a short trip in my "garden".

The ROSE. Looks huge, but is a handful of rose-pot.

The root in the middle is my first rose, it's about 15 months old. It was a garden rose and probably that's why it didn't survive the indoor conditions. The good thing is that the tiny orange and lemon trees still like the pot and are growing and growing. The flat long leaves belong to a date. Which again proves the old rule: Guys, never throw your seeds in any pot, cos they really could grow into something.
I do not know what is this. The seeds came with some Domestos promo for springtime cleaning.This is called Nigela Damascena. P. is convinced that it is blossoming dill.
I hate avocados. My revenge is to grow one at home.Plum. It is actually a tree and its fruits are quite tasty. Anyone for marmalade?

Hot Fuzz

Hot Fuzz - undoubtedly the most dynamic and fresh movie of the police genre since... uhm, Bad Boys maybe. Delicate brit humour and brilliant irony. What? You have already watched this? Am I again the last one who have got the news?

Hot Fuzz: IMDB | Official UK | Official Russia (yes!) | Working Title Films


This blog have had enough.

Flashy pink pig.

Messy flash map.

Useless bookmarking and sent-email stuff.

Translation tools and lack of meaning.

I have had enough.