Yes. Rabbits.

Yet another aggressive bunny game is onto its way to your computer.

Please, meet Rayman Raving Rabbits brought to you by Ubisoft.

To get idea what the hell I am talking about, check the video section or the concept art.


Keeping the sweet trend from last week, today it is time to present you Bajadera by Kras

These chocolates have been around for some time, but today the last three have been eaten.

Viva Hrvatsko ;)

Ein, zwei, Marzipan

That's the greatest menace for my diet. And I will die for it. :)

A have eaten almost a whole box of Niederegger L├╝beck marzipans (see the picture) for less than 24 hours and if I had another box, I would have eaten it too.

Truly awesome!
Note: I have many German-language contacts lately and more are coming, do you know a good German language teacher?


The weather is rainy and dull. I feel sleepy approximately 24 hours, 7 days per week.

Of course, this doesn't mean that I feel lazy. No. I'm doing nothing quite effectively.

Try to relax and understand that doing nothing does not mean that you're being unproductive or irresponsible. Keep in mind that you are doing this in order to clear your mind and ultimately extend your life so that you will have even more time.
That's slowly becoming me dream job... See you on Christmas (just for the presents).

+ Download a Fall Season Bonus Wallpaper (1600x1200 256 Kb pleasure)

1. Click on the link
2. Wait the file to load in your browser
3. Set as wallpeper (right mouse button)
4. Learn more how to Do Nothing

Red October.

October (the 10th month of 2006) is the time for red revolution in your kitchen.

Better make it in a big salad bowl. Add:
+ cut tomatoes
+ red peppers
+ sliced onions
+ dark red vinegar
And before it is too late and the red wine conquers your dinners and cozy nights spent on the sofa, don’t waste your time and see off the last summer rays for this year with a last Mojito in the park.

Other items that might be included are: cheap cigars from Cuba (if you find, please tell me where!) and a thematic sentimental lighter.