Usually I don't pay attention to the powder art magazines that flood the market. However this time was a weird coincidence that I noticed Rojo. Covers sell, so did this November one.

Of course in the battle between images and content, the pictures won, but this is obligatory for such kind of periodical issues.

Rojo has a nice website with many external links and information. Pay some attention to it in your day-off.


I got a fantastic present from my brother: a four-leaf clover.

The cloves that grow always have 4-leaves and therefore I will always have luck with it. Tricky, eh? ;)

The set includes two tubers, some soil, tiny flowerpot and of course, a leaflet explaining how to look after the plant.

Video Experience--Anime Reloaded

One thing leads to another. It's a well known fact just like the Murphy's laws.

While covered with thesis issues for my final public exam (where I will definitely fail, because of the numerous ways I invent to waste my time) I found... A few truly amazing anime-movies.

Princess Mononoke. I found the movie accidentally and I couldn't resist to get it as soon as I saw that the writing credits for the English adaptation are to Neil Gaiman (remember The Mirrormask post?). Well, surprisingly it turned out that the movie voices are doubled in Russian. "Ochen ploho." I thought, but the movie turned out to be good.
The Cat Returns. Having started with the Hayao Miyazaki's movies I continued the marathon and I searched for more. I found that I alrady have this movie on my hard drive quietly waiting for my attention. It had come with a strange *.mkv extension. Nice. I found out that there is a codec pack named Matroshka (oh, these funny Russians again, I really love their cultural approach!). The Cat is on its way.
Howl's Moving Castle. The third of the Miyazaki's movies for this week and it's yet Monday. Promising. The film got a number nominations and awards. I have some 1.7 Gb to download to watch it, but I'm sure it's worth the patience.
Haven't watched anime for quite a long time. I guess I have to catch up. Do you have any recommendations?

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