Graphic Thought Facility

The transparent screen

The transparent screen offers an amazing not so transparent cat. (on the left).

Anyway if a feline can't get you excited, you can check the whole gallery of transparent screen inages.

Petals Around the Rose

Petals around the Rose is a kind of game where you have to guess how many petals you think are around the rose. Amusingly, I couldn't figure it out.

Aliens on ABC

Aliens is another game on ABC. Give it a try.

i love bees

i love bees is the new promotion of Halo2. check it out.


The next two weeks I will be away, travelling from here to there; working and jabbing my mind with studies, projects and family affairs.

Thank you for understanding.



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  37. I wonder whch if these are acrually giving back any results?
    When I check me webcounter I see results mainly from Google and a few Yahoo searches.

    Illustration Friday

    Illustration Friday is a website which every Moday gives you a topic for an illustration and on Friday the weekly winner is anounced. Anyway, there is no need to be professional or master at illustration to take part. Subscribing is easy and even if you don't feel confident, at least you have a look at the other submissions.
    I found some really cute things there.

    The topic for this week is Jazz. Hurry up, you could still take part.

    "a musical to believe in"

    New from Diesel: This time it is a musical--a sensation for your eyes and ears.

    As always I checked up for 'goodies' and there I found the Screensaver which will shine on my desktop when I am not using it. Check the whole section and find the .mp3 of the Move-song which you'll be listening on the website. Then don't forget to have a look at the accessories.

    Learn the moves, skip and flip.

    A Hamlet Test. More than expected.

    • Have you ever noticed how, in Shakespear's plays, when people say they have seen a ghost, they usually did? Were people more reliable in those days? Were ghosts?
    • Consider the effect on Ophelia's future if she had known how to swim.
    • Which is the most horrible line in the play? Not counting; of course, "O, horrible! O, horrible! Most horrible!" (I,v,80)
    • Ultimately, did Polonius suffer from constipation or not? (A medical certificate is not required to answer but a note from home would help.)
    Find all the questions you wanted to ask and all the answers you wanted to shock you on the Hamlet Test.

    Green with envy

    Take a lettuce. Wash it with warm water.

    Tear its leaves one by one
    dropping the pieces into a big bowl.

    Add radishes, a stick of onion, oil and salt.

    Top with yogurt and white cheese.

    Get a fork. Stir.

    Enjoy the dinner.