IMDB: Persepolis
NY Times: Persepolis Movie Review
Recapitulation: I watched it 2 times and then some parts of it more than a dozen times each. Beautiful story and great animation in times when the ugly 3Ds are invading the world.

Wanna Ride?


Babochki means butterflies in Russian. I just found it along with a great song by Glukoza. It was released an year ago but S.P. just send me the link to another Glukoza song and as one thing always leads to another in YouTube I bumped into the Babochki.

The video is absolutely gorgeous, the lyrics are nice and the singer... well guys, she is just beautiful!

Info: Глюк'oZa - "Бабочки" | муз.М.Фадеев сл.М.Фадеев реж.А.Бадоев

Даже если не сейчас
Я мелькну в твоих глазах
Каждой клеточкой своею
Я тебя любить умею

Бабочки в моём животе - это любовь к тебе
Не спрятаться, не скрыться
Бабочки в моей голове - это после любви
Если так случится

Если так случится...

Посмотри в мои глаза
Ты мне веришь, ты сказал
Каждой клеточкой своей
Я запомню этот вечер


И... Бабочки в моём животе - это любовь к тебе
Не спрятаться, не скрыться
Бабочки в моей голове - это после любви
Если так случится

Also: check Maxim Fadeev's youtube channel: to discover another very favorite Russian band - Serebro

Slumdog Millionaire rediscovered thanks to MIA

Jamal: Is this heaven?
Salim: You're not dead Jamal.
Jamal: What is it? Some hotel?

Slumdog Millionaire is one of the movies I enjoy because of its layers. I didn't like it at first but then when I started extracting this segment I kept on watching the datails here and there and I discovered more in it - protagonist, camera movement, colors, dialogue and so on. Especially here it's very very nice touch to show them how they grow up by rolling down.

Sure, I am still pissed off by the ugly mixture of English speech and subtitles but... that's how it is.

Now, back to to the topic - MIA is absolutely great.

Bunnies at Selfridges!

A week ago Ce who currently enjoys green calm Scotland sent me a hot photo session from London - the Big Bunny at Selfridges!

In fact the bunny is part of the promotion for Kidrobot's new store, the first to be open overseas. To mark this epic collaboration, Kidrobot and Selfridges are launching the Kidrobot Ye Olde English Dunny Series, a 17-figure lineup of art toys designed by top UK artists such as ilovedust, Clutter, Triclops, Jon Burgerman and TADO.

Though London is just a 3 hour flight from here, sometimes it's a pity that I don't live closer.

This is how we do

Sometimes it takes forever
And forever takes the most of it.

Thanks for all the snow, J., and the icy feeling down the slopes.