Some Beach

Sube a mi nube

Tomorrow summer is officially over according to my personal season calendar. There was a Montenegro plan for September eventually combined with other places in the area but all plans failed a week ago. Many things changed this summer and I hope it was for good. Sad truth is that some things are more stable when living in a lie and when we get bored with the lie then we fall down the rabbit hole. Now the head news looks like this:

Big summer resume will come little by little in September and here is a short resume of August.

Lunar Eclipse:

Beach party:

The last happy August night:

Sube-a-mi-nube variations:

Coming next: The Beach

3 by 1: Cats

(Moby - Dream About Me)

(MTV - Cat and Bird)

(Stas and Nelly, oh dude)

To My Perfect Bunny Hihi

Because I miss you and because there are not enough carrots on the planet to prove how much I love you.

Who Can Guess...

where I spent most of June and July 2008?

and Lenny Kravitz on stage:

pictures of clubs, swimming after dark and new shoes will remain confidential.

It is already beginning of August and the best is that the real adventures are yet to come...

Stay tuned.

Wanna see girls' car backseat?