Going Latin

P. is going to Panama. I hate him sooo much for this! He said he'd love to join him, but since this will be more like a business trip rather than leisure I should prove my competitive skills and convince a few managers that I'm needed right now, right there, which probably won't happen just like this. At the same time P. said that he's ready to drop the offer and stay here with me. ArE yOu CrAzY? So he leaves in a month. And I'm desperate!

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Serbia, Belgrade and the Best Cafeteria Ever

Okay, I agree, I almost left this place and for a while it was good.

Here is a random photo-stream made in Belgrade, Serbia (have I told you how much I like this city sometimes?), including:
- warm weather and some rain
- the great huge tank open air exposition
- a group of American tourists
- night walk by Sava river
- shop windows
- new buildings and more new buildings next to a mall
- the best cafeteria ever (the one with the waterfall of orange flowers)
- a cat near it; I pet it! and the zoo
- Sauron's tower, which in Serbia is sponsored by Zepter