One of those games...

The feline posting

Some time ago, in November last year I went to an exhibition of cats. There were hundreds of cats, all forms, shapes, sizes, color, mood, breed, family tree and so on. Today I was watching my old pictures and as all of you know, cats are quite respected around, so I think that better late, than never, I'll show you some of them. Meaw!

13 feline pictures you will dream of...

Get in Lessno

I am quite involved in the online travel world lately and here I want to invite you too for a little something.

Lessno is a fresh platform for flights and good deals on flight tickets, powered by EZ search and supported by a group of cool developers and QAs (yes, some of them are really cool).

So, they wanted to see how the new Lessno is taken by the users and welcome EVERY feedback. Good or bad, your opinion is important to them, so just click and surf the website.

Send your emails to valio [at] lessno [dot] com by Monday, March 26th.

Rewards? I think they have something in mind, so send them your email :)

Lost (and Found)

Today I started a game which I don't plan to take too seriously but why not give it a try. The good thing is that it has nothing to do with the lousy TV series Lost.

Lost is trying to build a social network based on a simple idea: promote your link. After subscribing you get a unique URL and it is up to you how to promote it in order to gather more people in your network.

The interface is simple (though it might be more intuitive) and in a few fill-ins you are in. Your email even is not necessary!

Well, here we go, Start Your Lost Experience


Links of interest:
+ 300 IMDB
+ 300 Warner Bros official
+ 300 the Movie in Wikipedia
300 is not pretending to be politically correct or logically sustained. It’s a movie for the eyes, feast for the sight, throb for the aesthetics.

I was watching the movie climbing slowly in IMDB Top#250 reaching and passing up #160 even before the premiere and then the excitement refluxing to #201 but honestly I had no expectations. Surely because of this, I found 300 as the movie of the year with unbeatable effects and special atmosphere. I automatically let pass across my ears the shallow Hollywood humor because you don’t go to a movie like this to listen to dialogues aged the time of Police Academy.

Astinos: "Are you still here?"
"Somebody gotta watch your back!"
Astinos: "Not now, I am busy!"

As for the story, you know how these stories go. These lands are full of legends and legend is the other name for the ancient world movies. Overexposed ugliness meets the overexposed braveness in the name of the overexposed pride and a pinch of love.

By the way, all these scenes with endless wheat fields reminded me so much of Gladiator that I couldn’t help hating them.

In short: SEE this movie. See it more than once, see it slowly, fast, repeatedly, see it half asleep or hyper-awake, from different angles and in different environment. Now waiting for it for IMAX.

Does somebody know the name of this grainy effect they use all the time in the post production?

Office space

V. just sent me a link to an article covering the topics for the modern office nomads called Bedouinism.

It is funny because I see this becoming a kind of global standard for various... uhm... Entrepreneurships. I often use a local café to meet on a daily basis some people I work for as a freelancer. They on the other hand have office either. Almost no one I know is using fixed telephone because s/he is on the move almost all day. Are you one of us?


I have a professor at the Academy who is often standing against the online world saying that it is easy to publish there and therefore the content that is published online and for mobiles is not worthy. He is referring mainly to the cinema/movie part of it but after all the generalizations he makes one is easy to be pushed to think that -everything- on the net is
1) low quality
2) not worthy
3) garbage
4) everything and everyone related to the net is having the above listed characteristics.
Of course my professor wouldn't say anything specific, because obviously he is accessing the net only within the rare limits of his email box and a few professional websites that are forcing him to use the net in order to subscribe for a free conference. Sad.
After every class I have with him I get out of the classroom green with envy, misunderstanding and immense disillusion by the system that is allowing people like him to fill in the heads of the other people who -want to- or -need to- make their way into this business. After almost two semesters I have this sense inside me, you know, that I have wasted my time with this.
However, time is running and soon I have to prepare my annual assignment. I was wondering and at the beginning I was planning to prepare a little interactive something for the mobiles but after I met the credo of this professor I believe that I should stick to the traditions and as 80's as it looks like, the better. Otherwise I won't pass. :)

What do you demand from your teachers? Do you go to classes to learn or just for the diploma? Do you believe the ones who are there to teach you? And so on.

Shark Tale

Again. I have about 4 wisdom tooth growing and they are growing since 2001. That makes six years already. It seems that they're never grown up enough and at least once per year they make their call.

2 HOURS LATER EDIT: yelp! The dentist cut my gum! I'm under local anesthesia right now but I have a bag full of painkillers.

A small research on the net showed that almost no one keeps his wisdom teeth. Wikipedia for example offers a nice variety of tortures in that direction.