Demonic Tots by Plan59

I haven't slept for the last 24+ hours, after a flood of tiny disasters. However, seeing the Gallery of Demonic Tots gave me some powers at least to call for a taxi to take me home.

Some 50's-like illustrations and unique sellling points which will put you sentimental. A nice start for your Sunday.



The following post is not typical for this blog. However I got these pictures and I decided to share them. I know that each country has its own oddities. Here are some of mine:

1) Someone's moving. The white thing is a fridge. The green is a car from the 70s.

2) Pork. A real dead one.

3) Blaupuknt. Self-explaining.

4) Do you want to leave this country already?

5) The white sign reads "Keep silence"

Museum of Little Things

rg animation studios

rg animation studiosThe animation session this weekend comes from Korea.

Its name is RG Animation Studios and the stories they tell and show are funny and nice like a bear on the ice.

It's a pity that obviously they haven't updated their website since 2004. However, it's worth seeing.

It's a Segway!

SegwayThe Segways have been around for quite a long time. I wonder why they are not popular. They loo cute, and probably are great for the traffic jams.

I just found my local reseller and I plan to contact them and ask for an offer.

I can imagine myself dressed up in a costume and high heels driving a Segway around the city center...

Have you tried this? Any feedback is welcome.

Green Apple by Smirnoff

Smirnoff Green AppleYesterday I took the decision to move my stuff to a new hosting so after a few emails and a hundred-something dollar bill I bought a new virtual home. Then I went to the bar where I usually go, to share the moment with a few friends. The vodka I usually take was over but that was just fine because at that particular moment I found Smirnoff Green Apple.

This vodka has strong artificial taste and soft creamy-like taste. I don't know for how long it's been on the market, neither why I haven't herd of it until yesterday, but listen to my appeal: try it (as soon as possible).

The perfect for this week includes:
4 oz. Smirnoff Green Apple
4 ice cubes
Chit-chat with strangers

Mathmos Aduki

LightFunny how I have never notices the Mathmos Aduki offered by ThinkGeek before. I had a colleague and one of his boyfriends brought one of these from Russia. Wonderful, magnetic and amazing.

"Oldest but Goldiest"

More rabbits. (It looks like I'm having a mini-ribbit, right?;)


Nabaztag the Rabbit

Emily. 2007.

Emily Strange. Mystery. Miles. Sabbath. Nee-Chee. Get lost!
The hot news is that Emily the Strange the movie will be on cinemas in 2007 (hold your breath and count down).


Keeping the trend for experiments, the first day of this year I tried another strange and exotic fruit--a Physalis. Its name sounds more like a name taken from a spam mail for penis enlargement, but the taste of the fruit is fresh and nice. Covered with crystal sugar, it is excellent idea for dinner desert on lazy Sundays.

Other name: Cape Gooseberry