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Taste out of the beaten track.

With so many fruits around us, Topjoy takes you out to a new feeling offering Duett.

Be sure to try my favourite duetts -- Pumpkin & Apricot and Melon & Grapes.

Como agua para chocolate

No estoy muy segura cuántos años pasaron antes que pude encontrar este libro en español y leerlo. El libro, seguramente tan bueno que la película, me tomaron en seguida y se me llevaron a un lugar donde la cocina es profunda y perpetua como solo puede ser el amor. Y vise versa.

The trouble with crying while chopping onions isn't the crying. It's that sometimes you can't stop.


Matza is another name of female feline (aka Cat). I think its etymology comes from the word "maze" which on the other hand no doubt that is linked to "amaze".

So, here are two amazing matza mazes. Enjoy your way through them.

Breed a new face

Skopje Sounds Good

I'm going to Skopje, Macedonia this weekend (May 28-29). The reason: Skopje Sounds Good festival.
The program includes:

Let me see you moving, dancing, waving, smiling...

Isn't it awesome, eh?

The personal approach

Google is getting personal.

Check the offer


Han sido dias del cine.
Los que entraron en la lista son:

  • Te doy mis ojos
    Spain (2003); Directed by Icíar Bollaín
    What is fear? The fear of not losing someone grows in aggression, the aggression flashback to losing the one you love. The psychiatrist help does not help and the proves of love do not return the confidence.
  • Maria, llena eres de garcia
    Colombia / USA (2004); Directed by Joshua Marston
    One’s way out might be just another way to walk into the hell. She desperately needs money and that is how she becomes a mule—carrying in her stomach 62 capsules of heroine. In addition she is pregnant.
  • Narradores de Javé
    Brazil (2003); Directed by Eliane Caffé
    Javé is a tiny town and it will be drowned at the bottom of a dam if its residents don’t prove its historical importance. The problem is that no one of them can write and they need the help of the notorious ex-postman. He is a lazy guy who however has the spice for writing, they are honest people and each of them is having his own opinion on the history of Javé. Will they save the town?
  • Roma
    Argentina / Spain (2004); Directed by Adolfo Aristarain
    The memories of a writes take us back to Argentina of the 60’s and 70’s: his mother Roma, his lovers and his ambitions.
  • Rizo
    Venezuela / Colombia / Mexico (1999); Directed by Julio Sosa Pietri
    It is the story of theater director and writer who searches for his muse. When he finds her, she helps him find his masterpiece but she leaves him for another anyway. Months later the news of her death throws him in an abyss for years until one day her daughter knocks on his door.
  • Smoking room
    Spain (2002); Directed by Roger Gual and Julio D. Wallovits
    Here is The Company and as many others it has its company rules as not smoking inside the building for example. One of the employers starts a propaganda for a Smoking room collecting subscriptions from his colleagues but soon it turns out that each of them is having his own reasons not to rise voice.
  • Pipas (cortometraje)
    Spain (1994); Directed by David Gordon
    What do you do usually in the cinema? Eating. Commenting. Being annoying for the adorers of the Cinema, that’s it.
  • Uma Estrela Pra Ioiô (cortometraje)
    Brazil (2004); Directed by Bruno Safadi
    He loves her. He wants to give her something very special. A star. He does this. She loves him. Then they found out that the star belongs to other girl, it was given as a present by another boy in love. They fight. But fights are useless so they love, just love again.
  • Chicles (cortometraje)
    Spain (1994); Directed by David Gordon
    She has charm and chewing gum and she is going to an interview. The interviewer is so obsessed by her that starts chewing gums and each next chewing gum makes him fiction situations in which he saves her and she loves him.
Y a estos añadí:
  • Idioterne
    Denmark / Sweden (1998); Directed by Lars von Trier
    A few years ago Idioterne also known as Dogma 2 became a cult for these who were not afraid to say that Yes, sometimes we all freak out so why should we get confused if someone does this intentionally? The act if idiotizing might be just an act of agony: how we started, where we’ll end?
  • Chekhovskie motivy
    Ukraine / Russia (2002); Directed by Kira Muratova
    I bet you haven't watched many Ukrainian movies. This one will be a real challenge for your patience and perceptions. 120 minutes in black and white, soft domestic scandals, hectic and Orthodox wedding ceremony, rich nouveau people searching the romance in the lost province, ordinary people searching their way to the so called civilization.

Where you can see Danube and Olympus

The Balkans gave the name of the whole peninsula. They stretch from north-west to south-east and from their highest peaks in sunny days you can see Romania, Serbia and even Greece.

Okay, this statement is strained, but the mountain is still beautiful.

The pictures were taken by Mono on his trip to the Balkans.

World Press Photo 2005

This May the 2005 best photographs are displayed in the city where I live and I’m thinking that maybe you’ll enjoy them as well.

Every picture has a story. In 2005 World Press Photo celebrates its 50th anniversary. Visit World Press Photo website to see the best of the year.

World Press Photo of the Year
Woman mourns relative killed in tsunami, Cuddalore, India, Tamil Nadu, 28 December. On December 26 a massive earthquake off the coast of Sumatra, Indonesia, triggered a series of deadly waves that traveled around the Indian Ocean, wreaking havoc in nine Asian countries, and causing fatalities as far away as Somalia and Tanzania. The quake was so strong that it altered the tilt of the planet by 2,5 centimeters.

el pájaro que murio de frío

These days I'm freakishly busy and the story of the dying bird came to my mind. It is an old story. In case you haven't heard of it, here it is:

El cuento para el pájaro que murio de frío

Había un pajarito que murio de frío y cayo en el camino.

Pasó por allí una vaca fea y le cagó. Por el calor de de la caca el pajarito revivó y empezó a chillar que está vivo. Le oyo un gato y le sacó de las cacas. Y le comió.

Lo importante en esa historia es que no cada uno que te caga te hace lo malo.

También que no cada uno que te saca de las cacas te hace lo bueno.

Y había algo más como moraleja: cuando estas en cacas hasta la cabeza, no chilla mucho.

Store Wars

When you grow up

Have a look at the future. In case you have wondered how you’re going to look like in 10, 20 or 40 years, here is the answer to all your doubts.

The old ages though never beautiful, are curious, charming and smart.

See yourself after 40 years. If only life was as predictable.


A friend of mine just came back from Prague and he gave me the cutest present I could imagine: a mug painted with fine colorful cats.

Visit to see other enamel pieces of art.


Georgi i peperudite / Georgi and the Butterflies

The second movie from this weekend is Georgi i peperudite / Georgi and the Butterflies directed by Andrey Paounov.

It is a documentary movie which somehow breaks off the documentary stereotypes. The plot is based on the story of the head-doctor of a hospital for mentally disabled people. For the last 15 years he is constantly trying to start-up a business which would keep the attention of his patients and at the same time would help to improve the economic situation of the hospital. The business initiatives vary from snail-farm, through silk-production and hunting tourism.

The movie won many prizes among which Silver Wolf at IDFA.

View Georgi and the Butterflies official website and check the trailer (~9Mb).

Crazy Day / Shantav den

The weekend was dedicated to her majesty The Cinema and two Bulgarian Movies.

The first one is Crazy Day. As the director Silvia Pesheva shares in an interview, it is a “colourful, happy and optimistic film".

The movie tells the story of an orphan twenty-something girl who is illustrator. In one day she loses her job, her boyfriend and the doctors tell her that her grandfather, her only relative, will die quite soon. It seems that things could not be worse but she finds out that every end is a new beginning.

I would put a link, but the movie has no website.


I found this fruit by accident quietly lying among melons, plums and kiwis. Its name is lychee and it comes from Asia.

It has shell hard as a cone but inside it is fleshy and sweet. It is nice.

If you are curious, you can learn more about the lychees in Wikipedia.

Do you have plans for the next week?

If you happen to be around, you can give me a sign because I do.

This May season will be official opened for me this Friday with a party where I'll explode listening to Layo & Bushwacka live.

Then next Wednesday (May 11th) Zuco 103 are coming around and it would be quite a pity if you miss them.

I will survive

Tomorrow is the last day of my diet. Definitely it is much better than saying the last day of my life.

Have you ever tried to live a week or so eating cabbage soup, lettuce, carrots and tomatoes? Actually it is nice. I like vegetable and the only pain was to skip the dairy products from my menu. And the sweets. And the alcohol.

The problem with the diets is that they ruin your social life. People meet, booze, laugh and eat all these calories. You just laugh and take mineral water. Funny, huh?

I believe the nice thing will start after the 7-day pain, when people around start telling me "Oh, you look so fit". 6 kilos for 7 days is almost perfect, indeed.


What is it? Foxtail is a rubber ball covered in topgrain cowhide and stitched to a nylon sock. The aim is to throw it and then to catch it by the tail.
It is my new obsession. :)

To learn more about the Foxtail, try a Google Search.