AlphaDesigner - May I Have Your Attention Please?

The Aplhadesigner has been around for some time shining actively for all print, graphic design, illustration, music, video and animation aficionados.

The result in the digital media and art this time came with the first edition of the UNSCARED magazine.

Forget about the next two hours, because you’ll devote them to this website.

Pay attention to every single text or image, check the news/blog section, the mission statement and the ad campaign.

Forward this URL to your friends. Enjoy your time with UNSCARED

Start from here, start now:

AlphaDesigner - May I Have Your Attention Please?

Alphadesigner has been around for some time proving that the more you get from the visual, the more you want to get. Step by step the designers filled in their portfolio with print, graphic design, illustration, music, video and animation.

Their latest work called UNSCARED magazine kicks again.

I highly recommend you to forget about the next two+ hours and get deeper into the prime digital pleasure of reading.

Now: get deeper

Masters At Design somehow reminded me of the Kill Bill series.
Good concepts meet excellent work (found in the Clients section).

The aesthetical in the illustration art

Here is the master of the obvious

and his name is Matthew Vescovo.

The Master of the Obvious created an informative yet aesthetically pleasing place which is worth every click you’re going to make to reach it.

Actually, the click is only one.

click here


I’m not trying to convince you to visit the new website of Shilo. Soon or later, you’ll reach it and then don’t miss to check the Achieved work archive or the Recent work section where clients as VH1, MTV and Toyota shine and grab your attention to the limit.Shilo is a collective of designers, animators and directors who share a common obsession to forge new perspective in storytellying, creating compelling work both client driven and personal.

The resut on

"be in tune with my financial needs as a man"

I never have quite figured out why the sexual urges of men and women differ so much. And I never have figured out the whole Venus and Mars thing. And I never figured out why men think with their head and women think with their heart. And I never yet have figured out how the sexual desire gene gets thrown into a state of turmoil when it hears the words "I do."

Read the whole story of pain between the legs and serenity in the bedroom here.


I spent some time in the mountains with a friend of mine proving once again that the more away I'm from the snow, the better. Anyway, his tolerance led us to some nice pictures and some hanging up the run. Between the two main tasks (to buy snowboard accessories and eating in a local pub) we managed to do some propaganda under the slogan "DON'T EAT YELLOW SNOW" (see the image below).
For more information on the ski-resort Borovetz, visit
If you happen to live in warmer places, you can ask Jeeves what is snow.

Button Badge

* See more button badges on

Bricks Movies

www.skyesthelimit.bravehost.comI came upon this website while browsing for other things (ususally things work this way) but I find some of the movies made of Lego bricks quite amusing. "One is the Loneliest Number" made my night

"Оранжевая песня"

This song is specially dedicated to all girls and boys who grew up in the kindergartens hum-humming Russian children songs.
You can download the Orange Song in .mp3 format from here and let the karaoke begin!

Вот уже два дня подpяд я сижу pисую
Кpасок много у меня выбиpай любую
Я pаскpашу целый свет
В самый свой любимый цвет

Оpанжевое небо оpанжевое моpе
Оpанжевая зелень оpанжевый веpблюд
Оpанжевые мамы оpанжевым pебятам
Оpанжевые песни оpанжево поют

Тут явился к нам домой очень взpослый дядя
Покачал он головой на pисунок глядя
И сказал мне еpунда
Не бывает никогда

Оpанжевое небо оpанжевое моpе
Оpанжевая зелень оpанжевый веpблюд
Оpанжевые мамы оpанжевым pебятам
Оpанжевые песни оpанжево поют

Только в небе в этот миг солнце заблестело
И pаскpасило весь миp так как я хотела
Дядя посмотpел вокpуг
И тогда увидел вдpуг

Оpанжевое небо оpанжевое моpе
Оpанжевая зелень оpанжевый веpблюд
Оpанжевые мамы оpанжевым pебятам
Оpанжевые песни оpанжево поют

Эту песенку давно я пою повсюду
Стану взpослой всё pавно петь ее я буду
Даже если ты большой
Видеть очень хоpошо

Оpанжевое небо оpанжевое моpе
Оpанжевая зелень оpанжевый веpблюд
Оpанжевые мамы оpанжевым pебятам
Оpанжевые песни оpанжево поют
Оpанжевые мамы оpанжевым pебятам
Оpанжевые песни оpанжево оpанжево поют


I can’t do much things on a gloomy Sunday (where the hell they see the sun on Sundays?)

So I went wasting money to the mall.

One of the things I took was a Denito zucchini with yogurt combination. My favourite. I can have zucchini almost 24/7.
Then I had a box (yep, the whole box full of 7 calorie bombs) of Lady’s caprice; and I topped all these with a bottle of Pepsi Spice.

Murphy's Love Laws*

Availability is a function of time. The minute you get interested is the minute they find someone else.

And I don't want to discuss it.

* Read all Murphy's laws here.

So Long and thanks for all the fish

La despedida

has been emotional

* check for a picture update later

Aya Kato

Aya Kato is a 22 years old Japanese studying at the Aichi University of Education.

Please, take time to check the illustration section...

... then keeping in mind what you have seen tell me don't you want to know what's into Aya's diary?

Go to the diary section only if you know Japanese otherwise you'd die with curiosity just like me...

Pink Panther Walking

I bet you have seen worse desktops than this one, but it's almost impossible to have seen something pinker than this one.

And to make you more speechless I'd add that these screenshots were taken from my office computer.

I made this as a last-wish gesture in memory of all pink (aka sweet) moments I had with my colleagues.


Right after the two exams I had last Thursday I felt this strong need to buy something just for me. The result was a 1000-piece panoramic puzzle by Trefl representing the Grunwald Battle.
Now, after a few days spent on the road, I'm home again and I already started building the jigsaw picture. It will be hard, I already see it.


There is something wrong with me; I think.

Seeing this pictre the only thing I could think of was "eyes".

Click on the image on the right to see more lip-ads.

Are you sure that you can count?

How many footballers do you see?


I was clearing my bookmarks when I came to this link.

The images were created for one of the campaigns accompanying the global launch of EXPN's website, part of the American broadcaster, ESPN.

Read the story on

John Titor

is the name of a purported time traveller from the year 2036.

The mania towards Titor's predictions reached Wickipedia and you can read more following this link or you can go to the to see some of the pictures.

*Birdie Poem*

Birdie, birdie in the sky
Dropped some white stuff in my eye
I’m a big girl, I won’t cry
I’m just glad that cows don’t fly.
* found accidentally while browsing some old files.

Where were you two years ago?

and the Sun exploded again

Today a colleague told me that there were some heavy geomagnetic activities lately due to which people feel messy and are likely to take some neurotic actions or suffer outbursts of sick creativity or apathy (I’d add lack of concentration as well). Her sayings made me feel bound to read something more on this which led me to Have you been around there lately? Their public vision left me with the weak impression that this is the official website of the deJaneiro’s Carnival rather than Nasa.

Back to the problem with the creativity and motivation, after visiting I made my mind and I know that as soon as I finish my studies, I’ll get my back-pack and I’d move to north. Sounds fair to live there for one or two years. The idea of changing my rhythm of life fascinates me.

Learn about the latest sun-storm here or say that you don’t give a fcuk about it and order another beer for the Hitchhiker.


I, disorganized and noisy today; and I couldn’t put down a single report, headline or whatever you can think of. Should I explain what I was doing? I can’t; it was more than words doltish action.

Do you live in a world where black-outs appear from time to time? I do.

The darkness intruded the peak of my elation and total lack of control while playing with my colleague’s webcam. It calmed me down; but just a few seconds before that I was making somersaults... Now, could you be you curious for more pictures from the circus?..

How old are you actually

Speaking in Martian years I'm 12.62 years old which makes me quite a sweet chick, indeed.
You can go to this site to learn how many seconds have you lived so far and in how many days you have anniversary according to the Saturnian calendar.
And heyy, in 19 days I'm having 2-years-birthday if you are keen on the Jovian years (the party is at my place; I have to prepare my wish-list asap,).
Check Re-Date to learn something for your age.

textual pong

<tag> Ouroboros: lets play Pong
<Ouroboros> Ok.
<tag> |    .
<Ouroboros> .    |
<tag> |  .
<Ouroboros>    . |
<tag> | .
<Ouroboros>      | .
<Ouroboros> Whoops

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Feel better!

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otro país, otra ciudad, otra vida...

Amaral :: Cómo hablar ::

Amaral online

There was something in the air this morning, otherwise I wouldn’t remember this song.

Ser, hace mucho tiempo no te he visto pero sigo pensando en las miradas felinas;
Si volviera a nacer, si empezara de nuevo,
volvería a buscarte en mi nave del tiempo.
Es el destino quien nos lleva y nos guia,
nos separa y nos une a traves de la vida.
Nos dijimos adios y pasaron los años,
volvimos a vernos una noche de sábado,
otro país, otra ciudad, otra vida,
pero la misma mirada felina.
A veces te mataria, y otras en cambio te quiero comer,
ojillos de agua marina.
Como hablar, si cada parte de mi mente es tuya
y si no encuentro la palabra exacta, como hablar.
Como decirte que me has ganado poquito a poco
tu que llegaste por casualidad, como hablar.
Como un pajaro de fuego que se muere en tus manos,
un trozo de hielo desecho en los labios,
la radio sigue sonando, la guerra ha acabado,
pero las hogueras no se han apagado aun.
Como hablar, si cada parte de mi mente es tuya,
y si no encuentro la palabra exacta, como hablar.
Como decirte que me has ganado poquito a poco,
tu que llegaste por casualidad, como hablar.
A veces te mataria y otras en cambio te quiero comer,
me estas quitando la vida, como hablar...

Are there "hypoallergenic cats"?

As speaking of cats, ALLERCA is working to produce the world's first hypoallergenic cats. These cats will allow some of the millions of people allergic to cats to enjoy the love and companionship of a household pet without suffering from allergy symptoms.

In memory of Gribo’s balls

Here is Gribo. He is a lazy cat, about 11 months old. He loves Whiskas, minding his own business and staring at the other cats through the balcony. In the last one year he managed to escape only twice and in both cases his owner brought him back home.

His owner is a delicate twenty-something man with a sense of clear interior design and strong dislike towards the feline fur. Blaming some suspicious smells in his apartment on the cat, he took the decision that soon Gribo is going to suffer surgery at the local vet.

In a week this fluffy ball full of moustaches, tenderness and claws will be castrated.

Stay sad with me for a minute in memory of Gribo’s balls.

Who's moving the ads in Italy?

Some of the most prominent Italians on the advertising market.
Check the links for more complete information and visualization of their recent works
(random order):

Alberto Zabban
Alberto Zabban has worked as a free lancer for a number of prestigeous magazines such as Il Fotografo, Modom Gran Bazar, Image and Amica. In 1999 he founded Synthesisfilm. At the moment he's working with Porche Design, Barilla, Campari, Zucchetti, 3M Italia, Atkinsons, Blaupunkt and Parah.
Fabrizio Trigari
Fabrizio Trigari started his career as a graphic illustrator and later moved to the video industry. He won the prestigeous Phoenix Award and from 2003 he's working for Polveree a project for motion graphic design
Jacopo Tartarone
Jacopo Tartarone studied at the NY University Film school and even in his early career he worked with directors as Wim Wenders and Hugh Hudson. Later he has directed commercials for clients like Land Rover, Fiat, Renault and Cartoon Network. He has also conceptualized and directed an ad campaign for the avant-garde fashion house Pinko.
Gigi Piola
Gigi Piola has shot for many clients, among which: Volvo, The Face, Canal Jimmy, Vodafone, Lipton, Cinecinemas, WWF, Kit Kat, Nipiol, Lastminute, Atlanet, RAI, UNHCR, P&G, etc.
His long time passion for cinema and music have led him to collaborate with notables such as Michelangelo Antonioni, Marcello Cesena and Pat Metheny.
Dario Piana
Dario Piana has won many italian and international adv. awards , some of which two Gold Lions , three Silver and four Bronze at Int. Advert. Film Festival in Cannes. Before start working as a director he used to write and draw comic strips.
Riccardo Paoletti
Riccardo Paoletti specialized in surreal humor, special effects and visual-action story telling. He has worked for clients such as Mattel, Disney, Nestle, S. Pellegrino, Saiwa, Danone, Fiat, Nissan, Honda, Piaggio, Labatt, Telecom, Omnitel, Swatch, Sara Lee, Teuco, Akbank, G.R.E., Procter & Gamble, Aycell, etc.
Alex Orlowski
Alex Orlowski won:
Gold New york Festival 2000 with "Guggenheim Museum Bilbao"
Nomination CADD awards London for "DJ RAP everydaygirl"
Silver Fiap Argetina Best special effect in "AMENA Telecomunications"
1998 best in his category at San Sebastian festival for "Bside"
2001 Silver award at DRACS Barcelona for "Ligafutbol Española"
Fabrizio Notari
Fabrizio Notari worked for Trussardi, Barilla, Danone, Candy, Kraft, Mc Donald's, Parmalat, Liban Post, Mobilcom, P&G, Johnson’s & Johnson’s.

Going Out

Just in case that someone wondered where I have been in the last few weeks, the answer is quire boring and simple: I was working and in my days off I used to travel about 900 km to check how's life going in the university where I'm supposed to study (and I do it, any time when I'm not too busy at the office). Anyway, everyone needs a break from time to time and my break is the time after eight-nine-ten-pm. Here is a short review of some of the places where I have been lately, starting from the last place I visited today.

Before & After

The restaurant is located in a house from the beginning of the 20th century. If you're starving like me, you gonna love this place.

To see more pictures from Before & After, follow this link.

Is a mix of bar and restaurant. What I love most in it is the huuuge summer garden though the chief is superb and can draw your attention even in winter.

Follow this link for more pictures of Motto.

Is one of the cutest bars I've been to. As you can imagine from its name, the interior is full of bubble-associations starting from the walls, the chairs and the decoration.

To see more pictures from Babbles, follow this link.
Bolo Club

Is a nice place to go for a cocktail or two.

Follow this link for more pictures from Bolo Club.

The other places in random order:
By The Way
Chillout Cafe
Club 703
My Mojito


I met a friend of mine for a brunch this morning and as we were speaking of games, he mentioned one which later as I was hanging around the streets I saw in a shop. Kinato is one of the many ancient Chinese games with which you can spent pretty much time. Formed by 16 triangles, the game consists in creating different objects. To a certain extend it is similar to the tangram.

Other options to spend some lazy Sunday afternoon brought to you by the Ravensburger's Tricky Line series are the Travel X and the Crazy Puzzle.

And while I'm still on the topic of Ravensburger, I'd recommend you to check their TV spots.